This is the bestiary for the forest. you'll find many monsters here.


Goblin Lv.1 Lv+
HP 10 +4
MP 3 +5
ATK 5 +3
DEF 2 +1
EXP 3 +5
GIL 4 +4
skills Goblin Hammer:Decrease opponents MP/mp:2 lv.4 Mach Punch:Rapid Blow/mp:10 lv.10

Bio:A regular goblin that wanted to get away from Final Fantasy.


Boar Lv.1 Lv+
HP 5 +9
MP 0 +0
ATK 5 +5
DEF 0 +3
EXP 4 +5
GIL 5 +4
skills No skills no skills

Bio:A mad boar that will charge anybody who comes near the center of the forest


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