This states some stuff about this place. Beggining fighters get a $30 bonus.


Some of these pictures are from Final Fantasy Wiki,so do not steal the pictures

Don't godmode (like you can, I see all)

You can open a shop of your own, but it can only be to clean out your inventory. Don't make up random items. And don't put them at a high price just because you want a new sword or somthin'


The battle system is like an RPG, Your choices in battle are:

  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Item
  • Skills
  • Final

Attack is just a normal attack woth your ATK

Defend is when you skip a turn but attacks against you will be half off, with your DEF decreasing it

Item let's you use an item you have at your disposal

Skills and Final is the magic your job has for your level

When you purchase an Item, it's:

(User Link) bought (item) (before gil) --> (after gil)

You then put your current gil in your stats

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